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What Does Messenger Organizer Actually Do?

Stop trying to sift through countless Facebook conversations trying to find the right one. Messenger Organizer™ organizes ALL of your conversations with your own customer folders! Just like email!
Stop paying for expensive CRMs and integrations to try and navigate your Facebook conversations. Messenger Organizer™ organizes all your leads inside Facebook Messenger!
Tired of manually sending messages to people on Facebook? Messenger Organizer™ sends automated, customizable, pre-made messages to existing friends or new friend requests, saving you time and headache!
I'm the founder of Messenger Organizer™. Let me tell you the story behind this AMAZING Chrome Extension.

Like you, I use Facebook (and specifically Messenger) to generate leads. When I first started, I thought getting the leads would be the hard part...


I worked hard to generate the leads, and the leads came quickly, so quickly in fact, that I wasn't prepared from an organizational standpoint, to handle them.

Because each lead had its own individual conversation in Facebook, my message inbox quickly became overrun with thousands of conversations. Most of the time, I had no idea which leads had responded to me and which ones hadn't. And every time I tried to find a conversation from the past, it took me FOREVER to try and find the right conversation...
...I was losing tons of leads, sales, and potential business because my Messenger inbox was a mess...

I needed to find a solution.

So, I decided to create my own solution, and Messenger Organizer™ was born.

Messenger Organizer™ lets you easily:

- Organize all of your Facebook conversations,
- Add notes to any conversation,
- Enjoy a user-friendly CRM with all of your FB conversations, to see who has responded and who hasn't, and
- Send customized, automated messages to your existing FB conversations!

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What Are Messenger Organizer Users Saying?

Dan Maxwell

Amicus Settlement Planners

"Messenger Organizer has totally transformed the way we organize our lead generation with Facebook. We've saved so much time and headache with the tools inside Messenger Organizer. Plus, now we're not letting any of our leads fall through the cracks by not following up. If you're generating leads on Facebook, or just need to organize your conversations, you've got to get Messenger Organizer! This is a game-changer!"

Tanner Smith

Sound Solutions

"Very happy with this extension...My FB marketing messages got crazy to keep track of and this has been IMMENSELY helpful to organize my hundreds of messages. SO glad I found this!"

Lauren Derrick

Rae & Joy

"Lead generation through Facebook Messenger is key to my business, but I was losing so many leads because I simply could not keep my conversations organized. I tried Messenger Organizer for the first time and MY LIFE WAS CHANGED! This makes it so easy to organize my leads, automate my messaging, and ultimately build my business with WAY LESS headache. Incredible software! This has been an absolute game-changer for my business and my life! Thank you!"

See Messenger Organizer™ In Action!

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Do I have to pay for updates?

No! We make frequent updates to our software and add new features regularly, and you get it all for FREE! Messenger Organizer™ is hosted on the cloud, which means new updates automatically show up in your account.

 Can I create custom folders in Messenger Organizer™?

Yes! You can create an unlimited number of folders to categorize all of your Facebook conversations, just like creating email folders! This makes organizing and locating your Facebook conversations easy and simple.

 Can I makes notes related to a specific Facebook conversation?

Yes! You can create notes for ANY of your Facebook conversations! This allows you to recall specific details related to the conversation that might not otherwise be inside the actual conversation.

 Who can I talk to if I need help or have any questions?

Our customer support is always ready to help you out! You can submit a support ticket any time by going to

 How long are your contracts?

There are NO long term contracts or commitments. Use Messenger Organizer™ month-to-month, and if you decide you don't want it anymore, you can always cancel!

 If I don't like Messenger Organizer™, how do I cancel?

You can log in and cancel your account at any time by going to

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You're Only One Step Away From Finally Organizing Your Facebook Messenger!

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